LoftSEVEN Penthouse Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles | Genevieve + Jose

Genevieve  and Jose’s wedding and reception were held at the LoftSEVEN Penthouse in the Haas Building on Seventh Street in downtown Los Angeles. Adding excitement to the day was the May Day Immigration Rally which took over that part of downtown earlier in the day. That being said, since Genevieve is an immigration attorney, we certainly wove that event into our photography. If you’re a family member or friend of Gen and Jose and you’d like to see more photos, click here to view the entire wedding gallery.

The HAAS Building in Downtown Los Angeles

The HAAS Building in downtown Los Angeles — the site of our event.

View of Immigration Rally on May 1, 2010 from LoftSEVEN Penthouse

Broadway and the Immigration Rally from the roof of the LoftSEVEN Penthouse

Bride at Immigration Rally in Downtown Los Angeles on Wedding Day

Genevieve and the bridesmaids arrive downtown. As Gen is an immigration attorney I
thought it only natural to incorporate Immigration Rally protestors into the background of
this photograph. Now I’m a photojournalist! (inside joke)

Wedding Rings

Who, What, When, and Where
(was this an English assignment?)

Wedding Dress

The Dress

Wedding Shoes

The shoes with 7 inch heels. Well, maybe not 7–but they were tall!

Wedding Bouquet

Pretty Flowers

Wedding Rings

The rings again! Please don’t fault me for having two ring shots in one blog post!

Los Angeles Bride

The Window Slats

Bride in Los Angeles, California

And from another angle …

Bride before Wedding at LoftSEVEN Penthouse in Los Angeles


Bride with Father and Sister

Gen with her father and sister.

Bride and Groom at Loft Seven

Gen and Jose see each other for the first time on their wedding day. When I’m working with couples
who see each other before the ceremony, I always try to fashion a special moment.

Loft Seven Wedding

I’m sure I have a photo of Jose dipping Gen and kissing her passionately … but this is a PG blog so I left it out.

Bride and Groom on Roof of HAAS Building in downtown Los Angeles

I never include traditional portraits in my blog posts. That being said, here’s one to
appease the screaming masses who are always asking to see them.

 LoftSEVEN Wedding Photographer

The cool thing about this photo is Gen’s dad walking up the steps in the background.

Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

The Girls

Downtown Wedding Photos

We take to the streets for a little taste of downtown Los Angeles — Rob Greer style!

Wedding Photos in Downtown LA

Crossing the street never looked so good!

Los Angeles Sign

Los Angeles — need we say more?

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

I love photos like these as I hope they convey this history of the moment when viewed decades from now. For example, in the background we have an $8 price for parking, several types of cars, coin operated parking meters, and the logo for a fast food joint. How much will those things change in 10, 20, or 30 years?

Wedding in Downtown LA

I found a pretty cool location across the street from the HAAS Building …

LA Wedding

… and Gen and Jose made it even better.

Flower Girl Shoes

Flower Girl Feet
(how else could I label this photo?)

Downtown Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Wedding in Downtown Los Angeles

LoftSEVEN Penthouse Wedding

The ceremony view from the top floor of LoftSEVEN.

Wedding on Rooftop in Los Angeles


LA Wedding Reception

Family Style
Wedding Flowers

More Pretty Flowers

Wedding Cake

The Tasty Cake

Wedding Catering

The caterer prepares the salads.

First Dance at Wedding

The first dance was sweet.

Father Daughter Dance at Wedding

And the father daughter dance was WILD!
(Gen’s sister joined the fun!)

Hora Photos

The Hora

Artistic Wedding Photograph

Flower Girl on Floor with Shoes
(I guess I’m not being very creative with my captioning tonight)

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